Treatments for Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and Grinding of Teeth

Snoring can be a major problem for an individual and their partner and family. Many people suffer from problematic snoring which prevents them from getting enough sleep and keeps their partner and family awake too. Snoring is caused by soft tissues in the throat and behind the tongue vibrating with the passing of air (your breath). There are many old wives’ tales about cures and preventative measures for snoring but there are only a few options for proper treatment of problem snoring.

It is possible to have surgery to prevent snoring but, as with all surgery, this should be a last resort and it is not always as effective as the patient would like. The alternative is to use an oral device at night and there are several different types on the market. Over the counter plastic anti-snoring devices are ineffective and uncomfortable to wear. You can spend a considerable amount of money on other so called anti-snoring devices without seeing any significant positive results.

The Somnowell anti-snoring device was created by Simon Ash, a Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist with over 30 years clinical experience. It works by gently holding the lower jaw and tongue in the “recovery position” and maintaining an open airway while the individual is sleeping. Also a highly effective treatment for sleep apnoea and bruxism, the Somnowell sleeping aid is incredibly comfortable to wear and is highly effective because each Somnowell device is custom designed and built to fit your individual jaw.

Only approved practitioners that have completed the rigorous Somnowell training programmes are allowed to offer this most effective treatment for problem snoring and Graham Murphy of CFE Dental is one such

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