Oralign – a clear alternative to traditional braces

When somebody has a crooked smile or they are self conscious about the way their teeth look it can affect their self confidence and even their mental health. Many people hide their smile for years because they think treatment will take a long time and be expensive. It is possible to improve the appearance of your smile using simple orthodontics to straighten the teeth. Straightening teeth doesn’t have to rely on clunky and obvious braces or aligners. There are a range of modern orthodontic treatments that are affordable, effective and discreet including Oralign “invisible” a discreet alternative to traditional braces.

Unfortunately, very little orthodontics is taught to UK dental undergraduates and they leave dental school with the minimum of orthodontic knowledge. Lester Ellman created Oralign in response to the need for specialist orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning and advice for general dental practitioners who were undertaking orthodontic treatment for their patients.

Oralign is unique in that all cases are diagnosed by a registered specialist orthodontist who will also plan the treatment required. Through this unique teamworking relationship with the dentist Oralign helps to provide the highest possible standards of care to patients.

  • The original Oralign appliance can straighten front teeth in less than 14 weeks with only 14-16 hours of wear a day.
  • To treat more complex orthodontic problems quickly and effectively, Oralign Advance is a discreet fixed orthodontic appliance.
  • To gently re-align teeth with invisible aligners there is Oralign Clear which are worn all day except when eating

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