About CFE Dental

The practice is situated on the corner of the Broadway and Silloth Place  – see it on a map here.. Its location led to its original name as the Broadway Dental Practice. Opened in the early 1950’s by Mr Tommy Shields is was originally a small annex situated off his house.  As the need for quality local dentistry in Cullercoats grew, he extended the building to include a waiting room which is now used as the reception area.   

In January 1990 the practice was taken over by Fin Godlington, who modernised it and steered the business through some of the biggest changes to UK dentistry in recent times. 2005 brought changes to the way dental services were provided by the NHS, which in turn initiated a huge shift within dental practices across the whole of the UK.  At that time, in order to continue providing quality and affordable dental care, Broadway Dental Practice introduced Denplan (or pay as you go) dental care for adults. 

Since then there have been many more developments including the addition of a separate sterilisation room and refurbishment and expansion of the reception and waiting areas.

In 2017 Graham Murphy took over as lead on the business and principal dentist. He brought into the practice a wealth of experience, skills, knowledge and ideas for future development. The surgery is once again being modernised and updated to provide the people of Graham’s beloved North Tyneside with the very best in Dental care and associated services.

Many people who live in the local area will know Graham as he grew up on the Marden Estate area of Cullercoats and those that know him will know that he is a principled man of strong morals. As part of the modernisation programme, the dental surgery was re-branded to reflect Graham’s firm belief that dental care should be caring, friendly and ethical and thus the Broadway Dental Surgery became C.F.E. Dental Surgery.

As CFE Dental continues to grow and develop, new services, treatments and opening hours will be introduced and some new faces will be introduced to work alongside the existing team. Rest assured though that despite the modernisation, traditional values are at the heart of the practice and the priority for the CFE Dental team is to provide the adults and children of North Tyneside with excellent, caring, friendly and ethical dental care.

Graham and all those at CFE Dental Surgery believe it is important to maintain close ties with the community and would love to hear your feedback and ideas. Please contact us with your thoughts. If, in the unlikely event that you should have a complaint, please see our complaints policy which explains how your complaint will be dealt with.